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Maggie and Stan: Folk and Music Hall Performers. Welcome to our Webpage

Maggie & Stan are a Suffolk based folk duo, sometimes playing under the name of Pluck 'n' Squeeze (which confusely is also the name of their ceilidh band!). They only sing songs which they really like (unless heavily bribed) - with strong melodies and choruses. They also play traditional tunes with loads of bounce and lift. All this plus a healthy dose of humour, which always permeates their act.

Their love and enjoyment of the music really bursts through in their performance. They always try to involve their audiences; be it at general concerts of traditional English song and music; themed concerts such as the Industrial Revolution in Lancashire; Music Hall or even Bawdy Ballads concerts with songs from the 17th century to date - you can be assured of a varied show with lots of opportunity to join in and loads of fun.

Maggie & Stan also do adult and childrenís workshops.
Maggie plays Melodeon, Accordion and Hammered Dulcimer and Stan play Guitar, Banjo and Ukulele.
They are also half of Pluck 'n' Squeeze Ceilidh band

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Top Left: Performing at the Whitby Folk Festival Music Hall Concert 2015 in the Spa Theatre.
Top Middle: Doing proper folk at "The Big Music Night" in Bramford (Note the authentic hand in the pocket pose!!).
Top Right: The infamous Bawdy Ballad Concert. highly interactive and with the use of visual aids.
Bottom: Performing with friends in concert at the Regal Theatre Stomarket in "A Concert for Troubled Times".