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Audio Clips

It's a Great Big Shame: a music Hall song from the repertoire of the wonderful Gus Elen.

Sammy Shuttleworth's Party: A comical song from Lancashire. Unfortunately we have no idea as to its origins.

I Means to Wait for Jack: A Traditional broadside from Lancashire made famous by the Oldham Tinkers.

Hey Boy: From our bawdy ballad set, a song from Wit and Mirth, or Pills to Purge Melancholy, a book published between 1698 and 1720.

The Hole in the Elephant's Bottom: A comic song with every single rhyme you can think of for "bottom"!

Video Clips

Below are You Tube clips of some performances. By the way lots of these were kindly done by Bill Johnston and Sheila Darling whose site is folkbluesnbeyond. Lots of good stuff here, including clips of Suffolk Folk events.

The Tradional Music concert in Debenham:
Playing Primrose Polka and then two tunes what we wrote "Kissin' the Shuttle" & "Clog Irons", finishing up singing Rawenstall Annual Fair.

"Henley Folk Night" at Henley Community Centre:
Singing The Hole in the Elephant's Bottom.

"Maypoles to Mistletoe" at Stowmarket Regal Theatre:
Singing the carol Rolling Downwards.

"The Big Music Night" at Bramford Village Hall:
Singing the Calico Printers Clerk to the original tune discovered by Mark Dowding.