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The Squire's Thingumbob And Kitty's What You May Call It

This our latest and second duo CD. We have always done Bawdy Ballads concerts, but have never recorded any, so we thought we should. However, we want to be totally clear here, this is a scholarly exercise and in no way is it an excuse just to sing mucky songs .......... no really, it isn't.
These are the bawdy songs sung in the song and supper clubs of the early to mid nineteenth century. Here is a small collection of our favourites, printed between 1834 and 1838 by William West.

The Squire's Thingumbob And Kitty's What You May Call It

Track List

1. The Lady's Warming-Pan!

2. The Wedding Secret

3. Mr And Mrs Brown, Or, The Lottery Ticket

4. The First Tailor

5. The Laundress And Her Ass

6. The Lady's Hairy Thing

7. The Nice Old Gentleman!

8. There's Somebody Coming

9. The Death Of Roger

10. The Ladies And The Candle

11. My Little Bunny

12. Make The Bed!

13. Colin And Susan: Or, No,No,No

14. The Flower Girl

15. The Landlady's Count

16. He Did It Before My Face

17. The Squire's Thingumbob And Kitty's What You May Call It

Short Samples from the The Squire's Thingumbob And Kitty's What You May Call It

The Squire's Thingumbob And Kitty's What You May Call It

The Wedding Secret

Cheer Up A Bit Longer

We really love the industrial songs of the Northwest of England, as well as having a passion for Music Hall songs. We've included some of each on this our first duo CD, as well as songs that started their life as 19th century Lancashire poems to which we've set our own tunes. We hope this gives you a good flavour of what we do.

Cheer Up A Bit Longer

Track List

1. Cheer Up A Bit Longer (Laycock, Tune: Moore & Bloor)

2. It's A Great Big Shame (Bateman & Le Brun)

3. Did Your First Wife Ever Do That (Castling)

4. The Bury New Loom (Trad)

5. Marble Arch To Leicester Square (Knight & Lyle)

6. Grace Darling (McGlennon)

7. Sadler's Balloon (Trad, Tune: John Clare)

8. The Lass Doon On The Quay (Weams)

9. My Mother Doesn't Know I'm On The Stage (Bennett)

10. I'll Have A Collier (Trad)

11. The Night I Appeared As Macbeth (Hargreaves)

12. Riding On Top Of The Car (Leigh, Bryan & Von Tilzer)

13. The Weaver's Garland Or The Downfal Of Trade (Trad, Tune: Moore & Bloor)

14. With My Little Wigger Wagger In My Hand (Earle, Carter & Wells)

15. I Live In Trafalgar Square (Murphy)

16. Home And Friends (Swain, Tune: Moore & Bloor)


Cheer Up A Bit Longer reviewed by Graham Schofield for

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

Here you will find stalwarts of our region's folk scene Maggie Moore and Stan Bloor who, for quite a few years now, have entertained and given pleasure with their engaging stage presence. Known for performances delivered with gusto, humour and consummate skill.

With a total of 16 tracks this CD is a generous serving of songs and tunes from their wide repetoire. Although drawing on the Victorian and Edwardian music hall this offering is expertly seasoned with a sprinkling of traditional material from Stan's beloved north west. The chosen pieces open our eyes, and our sentiments, to the historical and social mores of those times and places.

Included with the songs and tunes there is a monologue or two delivered with panache and faultless comic timing. There are old favourites to savour such as:- "Did your first wife ever do that?", "Grace Darling" and of course "I live in Trafalgar Square". Alongside these are many pieces, perhaps less familiar, but equally entertaining.

The CD has been produced to the highest standard being clear and very listenable. All in all an absorbing and entertaining listen from the first track to the last. No tricks or gimmicks just well delivered pieces supported by simple but impeccable musical accompaniment. An offering that cannot fail but help to bring a smile to even the most hardened gloomster.

Short Samples from the Cheer Up A Bit Longer

Cheer Up A Bit Longer

I Live In Trafalgar Square

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